Monday, April 03, 2006


Wow, I did not know I still had this little space. As I was trying to follow another bookmarked link, I accidentally clicked the link to my failed-to-launch blog. I remember blogging for about a month over at squarespace, but that lease expired and I was too busy to renew it. I'd forgotten that I'd also tried creating this blog here; I just spent a minute rereading my two! posts! and realize I need to do this more often so I'll always have a little journal to look back upon. Now if I only had time to do it. Perhaps I can hire someone to write a diary for me? That'd be just perfect - I could hire someone with more talent and wit than I have to document my family's activities. I wonder how much a good biographer runs these days.

Anyway, this is my third post on a blog that's been around for 14 months. Quite the pace I'm setting here. My kids are now 5, just-turned-3, and 5 months. Things have changed tremendously since my last post but somehow have also stayed almost exactly the same; I know the math doesn't work out, but that is what it feels like. I'm sitting on the same spot on the couch, again looking for a diversion from my dissertation, with the kids sleeping (or not) in their beds upstairs.

Right now, BigMan is on the treadmill downstairs and the boys are still verbally wrangling with each other in their bedroom. They've been in bed for a full hour now, but the time change has us all a little off our schedules, and it sounds like they're still deliberating about whose fault it is that they're not sleeping.

I'm on the computer to work on my dissertation proposal. I finished my coursework in December (I took three courses at a time with no break, not even when I had Quinn), passed my comps March 6th, and last weekend my mentor approved my dissertation prospectus, which means now it's time to WRITE. I have ideas typed into a super-informal-I-can't-believe-I'm-really-using-an-outline outline, but I haven't started really putting things down yet. It's the biggest piece of work I have ever written, and I just can't quite wrap my arms around it at this point. I know I need to set a preliminary goal and work toward that.

Well, I know that was perhaps the most mundane update ever, but it's something anyway. Give me another 14 months; maybe I'll come up with something better.


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